Dr. Rowan Molnar | #drrowanmolnar #drrowanmolnaraustralia

Dr. Rowan Molnar | #drrowanmolnar – Anaesthesia plays a significant role in cardiac surgery that requires special attention before, during, and after surgery. Cardiac surgeries usually include an anaesthesia care team led by a physician anaesthesiologist, an anaesthesia assistant, anaesthesiology resident and nurse anaesthetist. The team is responsible for monitoring the heart rate, blood pressure and are for delivery blood and oxygen to the patient’s organs while simultaneously rendering the individual unconscious or in a relaxed state. Another question that many cardiac patients would like to have their anaesthesiologist answer is the chances of a complication occurring during a procedure. The chances vary greatly depending on several factors such as patient history, age, body mass, and more.


Anaesthesia and pain management by Dr. Rowan Molnar Australia (#drrowanmolnar )

Anaesthesiologists like Dr. Rowan Molnar #drrowanmolnar who is currently Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital perform comprehensive evaluations of their patients which include cardiac history. This includes an ECG, cath report, echo, thallium, and critical information on pulmonary hypertension, presence of aneurysm, congenital lesions, and more. Each of these conditions may require alterations in anaesthetic technique. Experts like Dr. Rowan Molnar (#drrowanmolnar ) still believe that there is no specific form of anaesthetic that is better than any other. Some of the exceptions are halothane, high and low dose narcotics, and protocol based anaesthetics. Dose ranges are also a vital factor to consider. And then there is pain management. Waking up in pain isn’t what patients want, which makes patient comfort and safety a top priority of physician anaesthesiologists. For the most part, the anaesthetist will work with a variety of medications to treat pain so that patients emerge from anaesthesia in as much a comfortable state with minimal pain as possible.

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