Dr. Rowan Molnar Australian Senior Specialist Anaesthetist

Australian Senior Specialist Anaesthetist, Dr. Rowan Molnar, was recently appointed as a Harvey Macy Institute Scholar and Faculty Member. The announcement followed the completion of a Boston-based progressive health course providing education about innovation in health care.

The focus of the instructional programme was creative disruption. Dr Rowan Molnar believes that although the products and services of the health care profession may not meet the desired quality initially, they are aimed at meeting the current demands of the healthcare system. The programme is aimed at heightening the accessibility and quality of both products and services over a longer period.

As an advocate for progressive change within the Australian health care system, Dr. Molnar believes that Australia has failed to take up the opportunities that could implement similar initiatives despite the urgent need for them. He believes his role is to advocate for greater change in the Australian system.

Dr Molnar, presently the Head of Discipline of Anaesthesiology at the clinical school of the University of Tasmania, Launceston Campus, has an important role to play because of the respect his position and opinion engender. He is very hopeful that he can bring about a change to the current system by continuing to spread his message of education, progress and change within the medical field.


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