Dr. Rowan Molnar| #DrRowanMolnar – Harvard Acknowledges Top Australian Medical Expert

Recently awarded by Harvard Macy Institute, Dr. Rowan Molnar has proudly accepted appointment of scholar and that of faculty member in Boston last month. Excited at the challenges and prospects brought about by such an opportunity Dr. Molnar spoke of innovation in creative disruption for the medical industry and the lack of serious consideration Australia gives to such planning.

Dr. Rowan Molnar explains creative disruption as a sort of flexible solution of the provision of medical resources where the quality and cost are somewhat balanced, with the consideration of current standards, in order to meet public demand. With the addition of future projection toward slow improvement to further meet desired quality levels. The obvious benefit of creative disruption implementation is the quick enhancement of available services to the wider public, therefore improving general and overall public health.

DR. ROWAN MOLNAR – Disruption in Medicine from CleanHouse Productions on Vimeo.

Maintaining his position as the head of Discipline at the University of Tasmania, Dr. Rowan Molnar further offers advancement to the Australian Health Care System with his current extensive networking throughout Harvard University. “I am a messenger (states Dr. Rowan Molnar) able to assist in the innovation of procedures and products developed by a network of highly respected individuals and cutting edge implementations”. Speaking of the medical experts of Harvard University.

Modeling the incorporation of Harvard business methods into their medical practices, Dr. Rowan Molnar speaks of his excitement to be involved in such progressive works within Harvard and his hope for the interest of Australia, specifically Tasmania, to notice and implement their own beneficial change. Join Dr. Rowan Molnar in his quest to improve the awareness of better systems within Australia for a better health care system.


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