Dr. Rowan Molnar| # DrRowanMolnar: An Insight of Dr. Rowan Molnar

“If you want to influence, you must speak up,” says a professional speaker and consultant Dr. Rowan Molnar | # DrRowanMolnar, Staff Specialist Anaesthetist. He is no doubt an experienced professional speaker who has the ability to inspire thousands with his presentations delivered on health and medicine management. Beyond the above captioned quote, he has proved to be a pioneer in his field through his actions and contributions in the field of medicine. His work and his contributions are marked with golden words and have been proved to be very beneficial to many. Further deciding to enhance and develop the field he has endeavored to spread his knowledge and experience through his writings and social media.

With more than 25 years of global and international experience, Dr. Rowan Molnar | # DrRowanMolnar has reached to the stretches and boundaries of his field. Currently also holding the titles of Head of Discipline at the University of Tasmania, Australia.He has worked in Harvard University and has also contributed to Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston as well as John Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore and University of California. Moreover, Dr. Rowan Molnar | # DrRowanMolnar has established the system and culture of presentations and workshops by using external faculty to instigate more trainees and provide service and knowledge to the general public.

Besides working as a doctor and an Educator, he has also played the role of an author. Dr. Rowan Molnar | # DrRowanMolnar has accomplished himself as an award winning author with comprehensive representations in numerous prestigious medical quarterlies around the world. His contribution to the field of medicine through his work and writing is exceptional and unforgettable for any of us.


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