Dr Rowan Molnar #DrRowanMolnar: The Need For Anaesthesia During Orthopaedic Surgery

Surgeries traditionally relate with huge amount of pain and suffering. However, today it has become a mere perception with the availability of anaesthesia, which is indeed a revolutionary innovation of constantly advancing medical science. One of the most prominent Anaesthetists in Australia, Dr. Rowan Molnar #DrRowanMolnar always suggests ensuring appropriate usage of anaesthesia during surgery depending on the intensity of the surgery. He further recommends that overdose of it can consequently lead patients towards death.

Usage of anaesthesia

Dr. Rowan Molnar #DrRowanMolnar Australia has a keen interest in the field of anaesthesia and defines its usage for the following purposes:

  • Relaxing you during the surgery
  • Blocking the pain
  • Makes you forgetful about the surgery and sleepy
  • Takes you to an unconscious world.

Dr. Rowan Molnar

Diversity of anaesthesia

Different types of anaesthesia are available in the market to cater the varying surgery needs of the patients, these include:

  • Local anaesthesia – For numbing a small portion of your body during minor procedures.
  • Regional anaesthesia – It essentially blocks the pain for a larger part of your body.
  • General anaesthesia – It plays a crucial role in numbing your brain as well as body.

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