Dr. Rowan Molnar |#DrRowanMolnar – The Expert Specialist for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

One of the major clinical tools available for evaluating the outcomes as well as exercise capacity of patients suffering from heart failure is cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Also regarded as CPET, it emerges as a sensitive as well as non-invasive test of stress for the patients. Your individual capability of working harder as well as faster in terms of exercise particularly depends on your individual condition or disease that particularly affects your muscles, heart and lungs.

In other words, it effectively assesses the functioning of muscles, lungs and heart individually and in unity. Your entire cardiovascular goes under assessment in this type of testing. Experts for this particular testing in Australia are few and hence run widespread demand. Dr. Rowan Molnar (#DrRowanMolnar) is among the foremost of those rare gems.

CPET’s widespread applicability

Every crucial metabolism of the body essentially relates to your heart, muscles and lungs in some way or the other. Changing metabolic, heart and lung conditions can lead you to exercise intolerance, breath shortness, discomfort and chest pain. By undergoing a successful CPET, you can effectively determine the following major issues occurring within your body:

  • Heart disease (Myocardial Ischemia)
  • Heart failure
  • Dysfunction of cardiac valve
  • Disorders related to pulmonary ventilation
  • Chronotropic incompetence
  • Disorders related to pulmonary circulation
  • Disorders of muscle metabolism
  • Deconditioning

Why Dr. Rowan Molnar?

Dr. Rowan Molnar (#DrRowanMolnar) Australia is a reputed anaesthetist with widespread recognition in the field of cardiopulmonary exercise testing. He always comes up as a leader with the help of his outstanding excellence and outstanding ability. Professionally, he is an MBBS scholar from Harvard with a keen interest in CPET. He constantly strives to bring forth revolutionary changes in the world of healthcare and medicine through his extraordinary excellence. His never ending love and dedication towards his vocation makes him a specialised doctor in the field of CPET.

The individuals who have to undergo any scheduled major surgery essentially require going through this testing prior to the surgery. The major reason behind it is to ensure proper functioning of muscles, heart and lungs during major surgeries. Without appropriate functioning, it becomes difficult for the doctors to save the lives of the patients after surgery.


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