Dr. Rowan Molnar | #DrRowanMolnar: What your anaesthesiologist must know before undergoing any surgery

Dr Rowan Molnar

The anaesthesiologist plays a vital role prior to surgery, during the procedure, and in a post surgical setting as well. They not only manage anaesthesia administered to a patient during surgery but are also responsible for monitoring all the critical life functions that are affected by the surgery. They are also skilled in immediately diagnosing and treating medical problems that may arise during and after surgery.

History of medications and lifestyle

While an anaesthetist takes on various tasks, according to Dr. Rowan Molnar (#DrRowanMolnar), Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania, Australia and educator at several external organizations, it is vital for the anaesthesiologist concerned to be aware of the patient’s medical history, all types of medications taken, and lifestyle. Patients who have experienced adverse reactions to an anaesthetic in the past must be able to describe exactly what type of reaction they had and the specific symptoms. This proves vital in helping the anaesthesiologist decide in the right type of pain management plan before, during, and after surgery.


Drug use and allergies

Herbal supplements can also have an impact on the sedative effect of an anaesthetic, which is why Dr. Rowan Molnar (#DrRowanMolnar) recommends that patients tell their doctors about any type of herbal supplements they may have been or are currently taking. Patients are advised to stop taking any herbal supplements at least 3 weeks prior to surgery. In addition, make sure that your anaesthesiologist is aware of any food and drug allergies since some anaesthetic agents can trigger cross-allergies. Any history of drug abuse and use of prescription and over the counter medications must be made known to the anaesthesiologist since some medications may prolong bleeding and interfere with muscle relaxants administered during surgery.


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