Dr. Rowan Molnar – Demystifying The Different Types Of Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia may be considered as one of the most mysterious branches of medicine since it is administered to patients when they are asleep. Dr. Rowan Molnar, a Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital, Melbourne,…….. Australia, is among those that patients willingly put themselves before, during, and after surgery. There are several types of anaesthesia while the two major categories being general anaesthesia and monitored anaesthesia care. However, they are two different degrees of the range of awake and sleep states. MAC or monitored anaesthesia care is the most common where drugs are administered to make a patient less or more relaxed or sleepy, depending on the type of surgery. For the most part, general anaesthesia is administered with the same drugs in higher doses to initiate a more deep sleep. The goal in MAC is to not make a patient complete asleep.

General anaesthesia and nerve blockers

In general anaesthesia, the objective is to make the patient totally asleep during the surgical procedure. It usually involves the insertion of a device in the throat to help the patient breathe easily while asleep. The drugs are used in higher doses in general anaesthesia. It is important to remember that patients have the capacity to handle drugs differently. This is why anaesthesiologists perform a thorough evaluation prior to surgery. Other kinds of anaesthesia include those that block the nerves to a specific area of the body rather than the entire body when compared with general anaesthesia. It is important to understand that there is no recipe for every condition when it comes to anaesthesia. The best thing is to trust your anaesthesiologist to keep you comfortable and safe, even though you may have met him for ten minutes. It’s the experience that counts.

Written by a professional author who describe the detail of Dr. Rowan Molnar.


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