Dr Rowan Molnar – Preparations In General Anaesthesia

Preparation is key in the administering of general anaesthesia. It mandates the use of safe and efficient practices by certified personnel. In addition, it is the anaesthetist’s job to determine appropriate medications and equipment, and keep the patient well under control prior to surgery. For the administration of general anaesthesia, the minimum requirements include a well lit space, a pressurised oxygen source, suction devices and monitors to record heart rate, blood pressure and ECG, to name a few. Equipment such as needles and syringes, and gas delivery machines must be present to deliver anaesthetic agents. A range of routine and emergency drugs, cardiac defibrillator, airway management equipment and a well staffed recovery room are also essential.

The importance of preoperative evaulation

Dr. Rowan Molnar

Specialist anaesthetists like Dr. Rowan Molnar, a former Simulation Examiner – Maintenance of Certification in Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School and currently Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital in Australia are responsible for patients to be adequately prepared. This includes conducting a patient review well in advance of the surgery date. Preoperative evaluation is essential for proper lab monitoring, identifying new medical conditions and assessing the cardiac and pulmonary state of a patient. This helps in identifying a safe and effective anaesthetic plan. In addition, it relieves patients and families from anxiety when they are not familiar with a typical surgical environment. Physical examination is essential in the preoperative stage to allow anaesthetists like Dr. Rowan Molnar to focus on expected airway conditions, neck anatomy, range of motion in the neck, and any problematic dentition.


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