Dr. Rowan Molnar explained – Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Anaesthesiologists play an important role in critical care and trauma medicine since they are uniquely qualified with extensive training in clinical physiology and resuscitation. This allows specialists like Dr. Rowan Molnar coordinate patient care in intensive care units. In addition to medical assessment and diagnosis, they have several roles to play in this setting. This includes respiratory and cardiovascular support and infection control. Anaesthesiologists also have both medical and technical expertise in dealing with emergency and trauma situations. Among the critical services they provide are airway management, advanced pain management and life support, and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation. In situations such as emergency surgery, they play a vital role in stabilizing and preparing patients.

Anaesthesia – A technology intensive discipline

Dr. Rowan Molnar Anaesthetist, like many others in his fraternity believe that anaesthesiology and critical care are two disciplines that is technology intensive. This requires every physician to keep abreast of the latest equipment and techniques used in pain management in the pre, intra and post operative stages. With the introduction of electronic infusion pumps and portable ultrasound, the mortality rates in intensive care have reduced significantly. Australian Anaesthetist Dr. Rowan Molnar has decades of experience in providing pain management and cardiovascular and respiratory support in the operating room. Anaesthesiologists have several issues to factor when in the operating room. This includes preparedness for events such as equipment failure and unanticipated difficulty in airway, which can have an impact on an illness and its mortality. They also have a unique understanding of medical illnesses of a patient who undergo surgery in order to determine the impact of anaesthesia on specific areas of the body during the operation and in post operative care.

Post anaesthesia care unit

In the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit, one of the major roles of anaesthetists like Dr. Rowan Molnar is to optimize pain control and determine when a patient can be moved from the intensive care unit. As a senior specialist anaesthetist with extensive clinical experience at a tertiary referral hospital level, Dr. Molnar plays an integral role in patient safety, well-being, recovery and comfort of every patent right from the pre-operative stage to during surgery followed by post operative care.


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