Dr. Rowan Molnar on the Benefits of a Pain Management Training Program

Pain is something that every physician has to deal with on a regular basis, as this is something that many patients complain of. Lower back pain is common today and demands the need for better pain management techniques. Specialist training is available to physicians in order to assist patients cope with pain in a better way. On completion of the training program, a physician will be able to expand his or her practice to include the sub specialty services of pain management. A physician will also be able to perform all the injection procedures such as Facet injection, Trigger Point injections, Paravertebral Facet injection, and injection of Sacroiliac, Shoulder, Hip, and Knee. Dr. Rowan Molnar has always been an active advocate of pain management training programs.

Participants will be able to evaluate and develop treatment by using injection techniques for patients with chronic lumbosacral pain. They will also be able to evaluate patients with large joint pain and develop an effective injection therapy treatment plan. By using image guidance, they will be able to use various needle placement techniques. Physicians will also learn appropriate dosages of supplies and solutions and learn how to order them. Dr. Rowan Molnar has specific expertise in anaesthesia and pain management. As a senior specialist anaesthetist he has over 25 years experience extensive clinical experience in anaesthesia at a tertiary referral hospital level, which includes various positions held at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Harvard University and associations and training with John Hopkins Medical Centre in Baltimore, and the University of California. He is currently working as a senior specialist anaesthetist and Director of Anaesthesia at a major Australian Government Project in Papua New Guinea.


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