Dr. Rowan Molnar – Going beyond pain management

Comprehensive pain management is a multidisciplinary effort where the Anaesthetist plays a lead role. It involves individual assessment, analysis of pain and methods to provide relief. A comprehensive pain management plan goes beyond the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of pain. Anaesthesia is responsible for providing pain relief to patients and is a prestigious field of medicine that requires a great deal of education and expertise. As a senior specialist anaesthetist with extensive clinical experience at a tertiary referral hospital level, both in Australia and internationally, Dr. Rowan Molnar remains committed to patient pain management and medical education at all levels. Through clinical excellence, education, and innovation, he continues to focus on matching pain management to patient needs and monitor and find ways to apply the results of research into everyday practice for all anaesthetists.

 Dr. Rowan Molnar

Dr. Rowan Molnar has specific expertise in anaesthesia for critically ill patients. He has an impressive success rate in treating patients during surgery where major blood loss is involved and those with major medical co-morbidities. However, he is much more involved. Dr. Rowan Molnar superior patient care, teaching, and research continue to guide the University of Melbourne and other organizations. He is also an Editorial Reviewer at Journal Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and is part of the lead surgical support team deputed by the Australian Government. He has over 25 years of international experience and has held various positions at Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and John Hopkins Medical Centre, Baltimore, and University of California.


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