Dr. Rowan Molnar- The Journey of an Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists are highly skilled medical doctors primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of patients before, during, and after surgery. They are most qualified to make anaesthesia- related preoperative medical decisions.  Patients affected through surgical, obstetrical and other medical procedures are provided continuous pain relief. One of the major roles of the Anaesthetist is to sustain a patient’s critical life functions during surgery. This is a role that Specialist Anaesthetist Dr. Rowan Molnar in the past postings at Epworth HealthCare and St. Vincent’s Health Melbourne has played for decades. He currently practices both anaesthesiology and pain management and has enjoyed the diversity of being an editorial reviewer at the Journal Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Reviewer of Research Grant Applications at Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

Dr. Rowan Molnar

Dr. Rowan Molnar

Dr. Rowan Molnar never loses focus on being a step ahead in the ever changing world of medicine. As a senior specialist anaesthetist, he has lent his expertise in numerous case studies and is also dedicated to medical education. Over the years Dr. Rowan Molnar has conducted several workshops and has taken a lead in the establishment, deployment and implementation of simulation based teaching. Dr. Rowan Molnar has specific expertise in anaesthesia for critically ill patients. He is also an accomplished author, professional speaker and consultant, sharing his 25 years of international experience with the fraternity. He has a special interest in orthopaedic tumour surgery and cardiac surgery and in human factors and crisis resource management. Dr.Rowan Molnar belief is that people must speak up if they want to influence ideas and change. He continues to inspire thousands with his workshops and presentations on health and the human condition.


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